Guidelines for Reopening Public Gatherings at First Baptist

  1. The church will be thoroughly sanitized before public gatherings and after public gatherings. We will only use the worship center. All other facilities will be restricted for a while, including restrooms and water fountains.
  2. Only two people will be allowed on the elevator at a time unless it is a family unit. Someone, with a mask and gloves on, will operate the elevator and someone, with a mask and gloves on, will monitor getting on the elevator. We will have chairs available for anyone that has to wait for the next turn and wipes to maintain their sanitation.
  3. For the first few weeks, we will only have morning worship on Sunday because of the need to sanitize the worship center between services. In addition, we will not have separate children’s church or nursery for the first week. This will be reviewed after each weekly service and subject to change at that time.
  4. No bulletins will be passed out. Announcements will be on the screens
  5. No offering plates will be passed. There will be contribution boxes by the sanctuary doors in the vestibule and next to the elevator in the sanctuary.
  6. There will be hand sanitizer stations in the vestibule and by the elevator.
  7. When we exit the worship center after worship, we will do it in a way where we can keep safe distancing possible row by row.
  8. All the front entrances to the worship center will be opened before and after services.
  9. Greet each other with a smile and wave and not a hug or handshake.
  10. We will not have choir for a while. Only and ensemble will assist our minister of music in congregational singing. Make the best of the situation we find ourselves in.